Meet The Team

David and Claire Lottman


  David and Claire Lottman are the proud parents of three amazing and talented boys, Derek (8), Dylan (6), and Jacob (6). David and Claire met in Tallahassee, when they were both attending undergraduate college. After Claire completed her BS in Psycology from Florida State University, they decided to move to Orlando in order for Claire to pursue her dream in Applied Behavior Analysis at Florida Institute of Technology Masters program, while David completed his BS in Business Administration and then completing his Masters in Finance and Accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management. After 9 years of working in separate fields, but always supporting each other, they decided to open Camen Behavioral Services in 2015. Camen Behavioral Services provided ABA services in the home, clinic, and community settings. 

During the past several years, David and Claire have been able to observe many classroom styles and experiences for children and often felt something was amiss. When they decided to homeschool their own children for two years, they researched a variety of curriculum and educational philosophies. When they fell upon the Waldorf education model, something felt RIGHT. After experiencing the joy of education first hand by seeing their boys loving to learn, and hearing parents of Camen Behavioral Services asking for alternative schooling options, the concept of a Performing Arts school using the Waldorf education model was born.

We hope for children to learn how to experiment, use expression, and gain fundamental skillsets while learning to be creative and build character. 

For family time, the Lottman’s enjoy going to singing and dancing to music, hiking, watching Marvel Comic movies, and learning about nature. The boys have their very own garden and love watching their father chomp down on hot jalapenos!

LaRhonda Rivers


 Born and raised in Orlando, Florida where I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as a certificate in Behavioral Forensics. Just years later, I began working in the wonderful field of Applied Behavior Analysis under the supervision on Claire Lottman. Once Camen Behavioral opened is was a no brainer that I would transition. I have been in the ABA field for almost 6 years now. I will be finish with my master’s degree in Exceptional Education from the University of West Florida December of 2019. I have such a passion for teaching these children in a way that they can understand. It is not for us to have the children to adapt to our teaching method, but it’s for us to adapt to a teaching method that works for the child. Being able to make a difference in the life of children makes all the difference in my life. I enjoy spending time with family laughing and dancing. I also enjoy experiencing new things and places. 

Fun Facts:

Favorite sweet treat/junk food: Reese’s, ice cream.

Pet name/type: Bear (dog)

Favorite vacation destination: Germany 

Favorite subject in school: History

Any siblings: 2 Brothers and 1 sister.

Favorite pizza topping: Pepperoni 

What brought you to CAPA: My passion to help children reach their FULL potential in a way that makes sense to them!

What's on your bucket list: Traveling out of the countries and experiencing different cultures for at least a month. 

Savannah Perryman


My name is Savannah Perryman 

and I am a teacher assistant at CAMEN 

Academy for Performing Arts! I am a 

current student at the University of 

Central Florida in their Early Childhood Education 


(GO KNIGHTS!!) When I am not in the classroom or 

attending school, I love to hike, knit, read, and hang 

out with my dog. I have been in the childcare 

profession for a little over five years and cannot wait to 

help your child grow, learn and succeed through 

accessing their creativity! 

Fun Facts About Ms. Savannah (Ms. Perryman) 

*Favorite color: Purple 

*Favorite store: lucky’s 

*Favorite sweet treat: Reese’s 

*Hobbies: Camping, Hiking Reading, and knitting, 


*Favorite junk food: Chick- Fil- A 

*Pets: Harley, my dog! 

*Favorite vacation destination: St 


*Favorite educational band: Koo- 

koo Kangaroo 

*Favorite subjects in school: 

Reading, writing, art and music 

*Siblings: I have younger 2 sisters; Cheyenne (21) 

and Aspen (10) 

*Favorite pizza toppings: Artichoke and pineapple 

*What brought me to CAPA: A passion for learning through 

creative expression and fun. 

*Top 5 bucket list items 

5. Travel to Italy 4. Watch the Calgary Flames play hockey in 

person 3. Own a house in the country 2. Have children 1. 

Camp in the Smoky Mountains 

*Preferred form of artistic expression: Knitting and 


Abigail Robinson



Hi my name is Abigail Robinson and I am a teacher assistant at CAPA! I’m currently a senior at UCF working on my Psychology degree focusing on Neuroscience I’ll be graduating in the spring! I have been formally working with children with varying abilities for about 4 years but have been in the childcare sector for about 7 years. I personally believe that fostering curiosity and creativity in a child is key to their learning experience which is why I am so excited to be a part of the CAPA community!

Favorite sweet treat/junk food: Doughnuts and chips I love them so much I avoid buying them

Pet name/type: I don’t have any pets, but I am an animal lover and would love to have a house full of animals (dogs, cats, goats, pigs, etc.)  in the future

Favorite vacation destination: Washington D.C., I love museums and there are so many in D.C.

Favorite subject in school: Science 😊

Any siblings: 1 little brother Joshua

Favorite pizza topping: Extra Cheese

What brought you to CAPA: Claire and her vision for CAPA!

What's on your bucket list: So many things, seeing the seven world wonders, seeing a moose, going white water rafting, skydiving and so much more.

Favorite form of art or expression: Painting and Drawing. I also enjoy taking in a variety of books, art, and music.


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